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Regular savings to Bitcoin in comfort way. For free.

Buy cryptocurrencies automatically every day, week or month.

DCA Bot is a tool that allows you to make recurring purchases of cryptocurrencies.

Buying cryptocurrencies periodically help you to reduce the volatility. This method is called DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging). It's the ideal method for long-term regular savings.

What is DCA?

"Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is an investment strategy in which an investor divides up the total amount to be invested across periodic purchases of a target asset in an effort to reduce the impact of volatility on the overall purchase."

Stress-free strategy

Stop trying to time the market and start saving regularly without being stressed about the current price. When the price goes up you are happy to see the gains. When it falls you are also happy, because you are buying at a discount.

How DCA Bot works

DCA Bot is using your existing crypto exchange account to create trading orders at the right time. You will set just the amount and purchase frequency - the DCA Bot will do the rest.

DCA Bot only works with funds in your exchange account. The transfers to the exchange and the withdrawals of cryptocurrencies are in your hands.

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Start your savings today

1) You will need an exchange account

Choose one of the supported exchanges. If you don't have an account yet, you will need to create one.

Supported exchanges:

Coinbase Pro
Trading platform with the greatest history.
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The largest crypto exchange by trade volume.
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One of the largest and oldest exchanges in the world.
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Trusted European exchange located in Czech Republic.
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Top 1 Altcoin Exchange
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One of the largest Asia-based exchange.
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2) Transfer funds to the exchange

You will need to send money to the exchange regularly for your investment. It is best to arrange a recurring transfer based on your monthly budget.

3) Setup your DCA Bot

Sign up and create your first DCA Bot. You will need to connect the bot to your exchange account and set the pair, amount and frequency.

4) Hodl safely in your Trezor

To keep your cryptocurrencies safe, you shouldn't leave them on an exchange. Once in a while, you'd rather send them to your wallet. DCA Bot recommends the world's first hardware wallet - Trezor. Buy your Trezor.

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More than 300 coins

DCA Bot supports more than 300 different coins and thousands of trading pairs. We allow you to buy any cryptocurrency that is listed on your preferred exchange. It is up to you whether you choose the most trusted Bitcoin or enter the world of altcoins.

* Some cryptocurrencies are only available to our supporters on Patron, which requires a small fee.

Binance Coin

The most trusted exchanges

DCA Bot works with the most popular exchanges to bring you a reasonable amount of trust, as well as a large number of supported currencies.

Coinbase Pro

DCA bot will always be free.

Some premium features may require Patreon membership.


You will never send us any money. Your funds remain on the crypto exchange all the time. DCA Bot does not have permission to transfer anything from your account. All he does is just buying cryptocurrencies INSIDE the crypto exchange.

We strongly recommend leaving only the necessary value on the exchange. Our recommendation is to send the funds that you would like to invest this month and also transfer cryptocurrencies from the crypto exchange to your wallet at least once a month or two.

You can cancel DCA Bot access to your account at any time directly on the exchange.

Support DCA Bot

DCA Bot is provided free to the community. If you want to support us regularly, join Patron. With membership you get access to premium features and other benefits.

Join our Patreon

If you want to send a one-time donation to thank DCA Bot for the time it has saved you, use one of the following crypto addresses:

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